The message is there, but it isn’t being heard. relit can help us with that.

Bishop David Malloy

What it does is it clarifies the mission of the parish: why are we here, what are we about?

Msgr. Daniel Hermes

It’s just given us a new lens through which we view everything that we do.

Fr. Jon Bakkelund

What Others Are Saying

The content and the presenter were both very good and dynamic. Mixing in of stories allowed the materials to be presented in a very practical way, accessible to a wide variety of people.

Brad McKinnon St John XXIII Parish Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth

This is an excellent resource for training for the New Evangelization. This is a comprehensive, clear and practical series that will really help Catholics wondering what the New Evangelization is all about and how to overcome the widespread reluctance to share our faith.

Dr. Ralph Martin

relit is a simple way to bring people together to learn about an important topic: evangelization.

Clayton Imoo, Archdiocse of Vancouver, Canada

I believe relit will enable parishes to offer the New Evangelization to more people, faster.

Norm Mejstrik, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma US

relit is a great training tool to educate, inspire and motivate. I appreciate the real-life stories used throughout the sessions and the multiple examples of testimonies provided to show how we can use words to share what God has done in our lives. My personal favorite session was on the Transendentals and how we each are attracted to God via Truth, Beauty or Goodness. It will impact how I evangelize one-on-one from now on knowing that I fall into the 'Goodness' category!

Katie D., Diocese of Fargo North Dakota

The relit video is an excellent resource for those who want to further their knowledge and passion for the mission of the Church.

Corey J., Diocese of Montreal Canada

...anxiously awaited it [relit] and am not disappointed!

Greg P., Pennsylvania