relit: The Heart of Evangelization

The Heart of Evangelization

The DVD program that trains
your 5% how to evangelize

Research has shown that on average...

5% of parishioners are actively seeking to grow deeper in their faith.

95% of parishioners haven't completely welcomed Christ into every aspect of their life.

It all starts with your Core Group + One Weekend

Help those who have already had an encounter with Christ

You offer programs on the Bible and sacraments, the virtues and saints… But what program do you offer that teaches how to share the Faith? How to evangelize?

Be trained how and inspired by relit: The Heart of Evangelization! This one-of-a-kind, DVD training program will revitalize your parish by training your core group how to share the Good News with the rest of your parish and beyond.

With the practical tools and fresh perspective found in relit, you can make your Bible Studies, Religious Education program, Sacramental Preparation classes, and all your parish activities reach and inspire more parishioners by integrating evangelization.

relit will teach your core group (which may include parish staff, ministry leaders, priests, etc.) how to begin revitalizing your parish in just one weekend! With a familiar DVD-based format, the relit leader’s kit includes participant & facilitator guides filled with practical information and thought-provoking questions that enable your parish to offer relit without any additional leadership training.

How do you invite people to initial or deeper faith through your programs? How are you using the Thresholds and Transcendentals to share the Faith in a way unique individuals can receive it? How do you identify new opportunities for evangelization within your parish and everyday life?

Order your risk-free review today to discover how you can renew your parish by being equipped and shaped by relit!

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Flexible schedule: Perfect for a weekend retreat! Or you can schedule the sessions to best fit your calendar.

Designed for ministry leaders first: Provide your parish staff and ministry leaders with practical training and effective tools.

Simple and engaging 18-session DVD & Participant Guide format.
No additional training needed: Everything you need is provided so you can start right away!

Can be offered throughout the year without disrupting your parish program schedule.

This is an excellent resource for training for the New Evangelization.

Dr. Ralph Martin, President of Renewal Ministries

The message is there, but it isn't being heard. relit can help us with that.

Bishop David Malloy, Diocese of Rockford

A Parish Transformed

I sort of face-palmed when I was first going through relit... It's just given us a new lens through which we view everything that we do.

Fr. Jon Bakkelund, Diocese of Rockford

Inspired and trained by relit, every ministry and activity in the parish can be an opportunity to lead someone to initial or deeper faith: To Evangelize!

relit Transforms Every Ministry in Your Parish

Sacramental Preparation
Knights of Columbus
Parish Retreats
Religious Education
Bible Studies
And Any Parish Ministry!

relit: The Heart of Evangelization is a training program like you've never seen before. In fact, it's so unique that it's nearly impossible to explain in just a few words - Similar to a retreat that you cannot fully explain or understand without experiencing it for yourself.

This is why we encourage you to experience relit as a whole for yourself. Order your review Leader’s kit online today completely risk-free, 100% money back guarantee! Or contact our friendly Parish & Diocesan Consultants at 1-800-932-3051 or to learn how relit will specifically benefit your parish.