relit: The Heart of Evangelization Leader's Kit includes

  • Engaging 18 Sessions on 3 DVDs
  • User friendly Facilitator Guide (click for sample)
  • Helpful card with tips for evangelizing and a New Evangelization prayer (click for sample)
  • The Ultimate Relationship Booklet (click for sample)
  • The opportunity to unleash your parish's maximum potential!
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relit: The Heart of Evangelization forms and equips your core faithful theologically, spiritually, and practically so that they can be active evangelists in their own parish and beyond.

relit is a dynamic training program consisting of 18 DVD-based sessions, with insightful discussion questions and more found in the facilitator and participant guides - All of which can be offered as a weekend retreat! However, with a completely flexible implementation plan, you get to choose to offer the training over a weekend, 6-9 weeks, or 18 weeks. Plus, you only need just one small group of committed staff and parishioners to start - from three to thirty parishioners.

As the evangelistic training in relit is applicable across all your ministries and functions, there’s no need to reschedule studies, programs or formation you are currently presenting. In fact, relit will amplify, clarify and further enhance what you are already doing - giving strength to the renewal that has already begun.

Unleash your parish's potential

relit helps you take a step back to look at your parish life and ministries with a new lens, a renewed perspective.

You will learn how to take the good work you are already doing and discover how these ministries can be more effective.

Even seemingly everyday events, like offering coffee and donuts, can be transformed into opportunities to evangelize!

Reach more parishioners by meeting them where they are

You will learn practical approaches to effectively lead individuals closer to Christ.

By exploring such things as some people's obstacles to the faith and learning how others see God in their lives, you will gain the skills to help them grown in their faith.

Starting with your Core Group, relit will help you transform your parish.

Friday 6pm - 8:15pm
Saturday 8am - 4:15pm
Sunday Noon - 6:30pm
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Session Summary

Session 1: The Great Story - God created us out of love and for love. Although our communion with Him has been broken, by His cross and resurrection we are invited once more to live in communion with God forever.

Session 2: Evangelization - Evangelization is all about Good News! When we evangelize, we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others so that they may respond to His invitation and enter into life-giving communion with Him. By sharing the good News and calling people to conversion, individual lives and cultures are transformed by the grace of God.

Session 3: New Evangelization - The missionary mandate of the Church has three parts: the mission ad gentes, pastoral care, and the New Evangelization. This New Evangelization, like all evangelization, is ever new in ardor, methods, and expression. What makes it particularly new is that it is directed toward the initial conversion of the baptized. Thus, it can be understood as the re-evangelization of the baptized.

Session 4: Witness - We are all called to be witnesses at work, with our family, with our friends, and everywhere we go. By having a real life of prayer, living the virtues, and using rightly the things that God has made, we speak without words by showing people our love for God. Witness ultimately raises questions in the hearts of those who see it and, thus, prepares them for the proclamation of the Gospel.

Session 5: Family & Friends - To share the Gospel effectively, we must ensure its timeless truths and integrity are brought into the circumstances of the people we are seeking to reach, using a language that speaks to their lives. When we evangelize our family and our friends, we need to talk about our faith, live an intentional witness, invite them to great events, and offer to pray for and with them.

Session 6: The Ultimate Relationship - The Ultimate Relationship is a great booklet that can help us to articulate and share our faith. By presenting the Kerygma in a simple and clear fashion, we are able to use it to invite others to respond to Christ’s invitation to friendship.

Session 7: Why Evangelize? Part 1 - Catholics are held back from evangelizing for a number of reasons. By examining these reasons, we are able to overcome the obstacles that hold us back from fully engaging in the mission God has entrusted to us.

Session 8: Why Evangelize? Part 2 - The Church exists in order to evangelize, and recent popes have called for all members of the Church to give themselves to this noble task. In addition to these exhortations from the Church, Jesus Himself instructed us to share the faith. Thus, our faithfulness to Christ, our love for Him, and our love for others impels us to make known to the world the offer of salvation.

Session 9: The Heart of the Evangelist - The heart of Jesus is the perfect model of an “evangelical heart.” It is a heart that seeks the lost, a heart that is full of mercy, and a heart that is willing to suffer. Like the great saints, including Francis Xavier and Thérèse of Lisieux, we must seek to imitate the evangelical heart of Christ.

Session 10: Proclamation - Many Catholics are not sure what to share. What is the message that is to be proclaimed? It is simple and beautiful: God made us for communion with Himself, and while sin was a rejection of this communion, the death of Christ has made it possible for us to once more give our “Yes” to Him. This is the basic Gospel message, the Kerygma, that we are privileged to bring into the world.

Session 11: Testimony - A testimony is a story, which is shared with others, about the way that God has acted in your life and how you have responded to His graces. It is a powerful tool in evangelization, for it reveals the immense love God has for each of us, as well as how we can follow Him as a Catholic. Often, people who do not want to listen to claims about Christianity are open to hearing these stories of faith.

Session 12: Conversion, Discipleship, & Mission - The Cycle of Evangelization moves from Witness and Proclamation to Conversion, Discipleship, and Mission. We will look at these latter three dimensions and see how understanding them is vital to ensuring we evangelize effectively.

Session 13: Thresholds - There are various stages people go through and obstacles they encounter on their way to conversion. One model to help us understand this process is the Thresholds. By looking at what these are, we can better help people progress through them.

Session 14: Postmodern Culture - We live in a postmodern culture that has lost confidence in faith and reason to lead us to the truth. By seeing how this postmodern thinking has infected the way people look at the Christian faith, we can be more effective in leading them to Christ who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Session 15: Holy Spirit - Without the Holy Spirit, it is impossible for us to evangelize. For the first evangelists, Pentecost was the key to receiving the courage and gifts necessary to be effective. We, too, are called to be open to receiving everything that God, the Holy Spirit, wishes to give to us. Pentecost is, indeed, for us!

Session 16: Transcendentals - Truth, goodness, and beauty - the fingerprints of God - are found in all things that exist. Most people are more in tune with one of these three than with the others. By understanding which one resonates more with a person, we can bring the Gospel to them in a “language” that they can more easily receive.

Session 17: Parish - Immense potential exists within the parish. By understanding the vocation of the parish in light of the universal call to mission, everything in the parish can be oriented properly. Every group and ministry within the parish must, in turn, serve the primary purpose of the parish, that is, they must evangelize. With this tight focus on evangelization, the parish will flourish.

Session 18: A Mission Entrusted - We are called to read the signs of the times so that we can effectively bring the Good News into the world. Parishes and individuals will follow one of two paths: slow death or deep change. By embracing our call to holiness and our call to mission more fully, we will see the grace of God changing hearts and lives. One day, we will rejoice in the heavenly banquet with those who evangelized us and those we evangelized.